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A platform for strategic Afro-China exploration of cultural and trade interactions.

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Bring the African community in China and the rest of world together

We work together to create and contribute to an African community of shared interests and pride. We believe that this community will make more connections with China and the rest of the world in education, culture and trade.

Chat with Friend

AfriJoy APP can provide fast and stable one-to-one text, picture, audio and video chat functions, and can establish their own friend groups for Africans to create an excellent instant chat experience. You will find these functions in the sections of 'Message' and 'Friend List'.

Share Your Life

In this section of 'Dynamics', users can share their fresh stories and life experiences in China by posting texts, photos or videos. Your friends in this APP can see your posts, give a like and make comments. You can also gain some insights and information such as business opportunities from others' sharing Dynamics.

Explore new possibilities

Meet different people who share the same interests or concerns about a certain topic and form a community, in the section of 'Circle'. AfriJoy APP will regularly sort out most users concerned topics to form a knowledge base for learning, living and trading in China, reflecting mutual help and interaction.

African students and volunteers will regularly launch plenty of activities whose notifications will be posted in the section of 'Activity'. Participating in these activities can meet your social need and enrich your spiritual life.

Meet Your Need

Section 'Coupon' provides exclusive benefits to AfriJoy users. Enjoy the discount brought by AfriJoy!

Section 'Info' aims to give help and support to those who come to China. It provides information about all cities, gives directions, and details about famous places in all cities. It also gives suggestions on dealing with cultural shock, language barriers and other adaptation challenges.

Section of 'Jobs' is a platform to network. Job opportunities will also be shared as employers will be leveraged. Provision of secured employment.

Afrijoy is an app for facilitating the ease of living for all Africans and empowering a united African community in China and the rest of world

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